Q :What is a ScriptHop Packet?

The Packet bundles everything you need to market your script into one simple link that's easy to email or even text. It includes the script (even multiple revisions of the script), documents like lookbooks and bibles, and information about the project such as the logline, synopsis, character breakdowns, attachments, writer bio, and more.

Q :Who should be using it?

Whether you're an A-list writer, a first time writer, or a student, the Packet allows you to send your materials securely, helps you convey your idea, and has even been shown to help writers re-examine their script in the process.

Q :Is this a bulletin board system like InkTip?

No. We do not have any backend entry for industry people to discover scripts. If you're looking for that, we like the people behind Script Revolution.

Q :Can anyone find and view my Packet and script?

No. The Packet works similar to Dropbox in that you have to actually send someone a link for them to view it. It is not browsable in any environment, nor will it show up in Google unless you happen to post your link on a website.

Q :Do the people I send Packets to need special software?

No. The only thing recipients need is a browser.

Q :Do the people I send Packets to need an account?

No. Recipients will not be asked to setup an account or provide any information, unless you have specified in your link security options that they must verify their identity via email verification.

Q :How much does it cost?

It is currently FREE for everyone to create and send a packet.

Q :Why is it free?

We make this free to encourage all writers to use it. If we can get at least a majority of scripts traveling Hollywood using the packet, then that allows us to offer even more tools for the industry that we CAN charge for. Our first tool (that will launch soon) is a platform for studios, agencies, and production companies to manage these packets as they receive them along with their entire script library.

Q :Is there a hidden catch like data mining or information sharing?

As far as anything that should concern the writer, the answer is no. We do plan to use algorithms to look for patterns and see how information travels in order to provide industry wide inclusion and diversity reporting. This is an important metric that we should all be aware of and ScriptHop can be in a unique position to see the kinds of projects being created and how they travel. At no point will any of this reporting reveal identities of writers or anyone in the industry or any specific information about a script. Finally, at no point will humans ever be directly looking at a script without the express permission of the writer.

Q :Does ScriptHop read my scripts?

No. While our AI will initially read your script to help you build a packet, none of that information is looked at by anyone at ScriptHop, and the system itself does not perform any data mining. In the future, if we were to offer any services that would require that, the writer will have to give express permission to allow us to do so.

Q :Is this meant to be a lookbook builder?

No. Lookbooks and bibles are freeform documents that span several pages and go deep into a project. The Packet is an interactive single source of information to get recipients excited about your project so they choose to read the script or dive into your lookbook or bible. Imagine the Packet as an envelope with info about your project on the outside and all your documents on the inside.

While the Packet is not a lookbook, it may be something you choose to create instead of a lookbook. There are many advantages that the Packet has with interactivity and a "to the point" way of marketing your project that everyone in the industry will be able to easily consume.

Q :Do I have to have all those sections for my packet?

Absolutely not. You can enter in as much or as little information in your packet as you'd like. We do, however, strongly recommend you at least enter genre, logline, and a short synopsis. For the effort involved, the payoff is well worth it. Adding sections beyond that, such as character breakdowns, can also be highly beneficial.

Q :What if I need help creating a Packet?

We have a very robust Tips and Examples resource created by multiple professional industry writers and readers that will help guide you through creating your packet and explain the ins and outs of marketing your script.

If you're experiencing technical challenges, please email our support staff at support@scripthop.com for assistance. However, they will not be able to guide you through building your materials.

Q :How does ScriptHop make my project more secure?

Sending a packet link instead of just attaching your script as a PDF provides many more security options. You lose all control once you hit send with a PDF attachment. With a Packet link, you're notified when the recipient clicks on the link. You can also deactivate the link at any time if you're ever concerned. Once the recipient is in the packet, you can control whether they can download your script or are restricted to reading it within the Packet viewer. Finally, ScriptHop will be offering a tool very soon that will make it very hard for someone to forward your project to someone else.

Q :Where is my information stored and who has access?

All of your documents and information are securely stored in IBM's Cloud environment. Only very select high up members of ScriptHop's staff can even access this data. Even our technical support staff cannot look at your information without you explicitly providing them a temporary access.

Q :Does ScriptHop claim ownership over any of my content?

Absolutely not! You have complete rights to any IP shared in your Packet. In fact, adding additional content, beyond the script, can legally boost your ownership over the ideas expressed in your project!

Q :Are there any restrictions to my content?

Your content is not considered public so we don't look at it. We strongly recommend that you keep all of your imagery and descriptive content to PG-13 or you could risk being off-putting to recipients of your packet.

Any illegal content is strictly prohibited, and we strongly suggest making sure you have the rights to share any of the materials included in your Packet.