What's Next?

First, we launched our platform for agencies, studios, and production companies. Next, we change the world of screenwriting forever with something entirely new. Stay tuned.

(hint: it's not another screenwriting app)

Using generic tools to manage screenplays leads to inefficiencies, security concerns, and most importantly... lost opportunity.
Simply drag your entire collection of screenplay PDFs to the ScriptHop app.
Your company's library is now managed by ScriptHop, providing invaluable information and advanced time saving tools, all in one convenient place.
ScriptHop's features increase productivity, add security, and expand opportunity.
Search for a humanitarian drama set in Africa with a female lead in her 50s.
Be alerted when new scripts are added to the library that match your interests.
Prevent leaks and track scripts with an entirely new level of security tools.
Receive proactive recommendations on material best suited for your clients.
Manage the access and permissions users have within your script library.
Reduce your story department's grunt work so they can focus on what matters.
ScriptHop's mission is to empower everyone in the film and television industry with incredible tools and information. We want to see writers discovered, readers recognized, agents better able to meet the needs of their clients, and both actors and directors exposed to traditionally overlooked material. It is our strong opinion that by increasing everyone's value it will expand opportunity, jobs,
and best of all... amazing entertainment.

Contact us today to sign up your agency, studio, or production company.