ScriptHop Packet Reviews

Written by Brian Austin on February 22nd, 2021

Brian Austin is a co-founder and CEO of ScriptHop. A technologist and entrepreneur, Brian has created products used by Fortune 100 companies, government, military, and entertainment. Being a massive fan of film and television, he occasionally shares his thoughts on this blog.

We at ScriptHop quietly started something a couple months ago as an experiment. Even though our platform helps writers craft their pitch and bundles everything that agencies, studios, and production companies need, that doesn't always mean that every Packet is perfect. Even A-list writers struggle with their pitches at times or can overlook errors that a new set of eyes might quickly see.

That's why we implemented a FREE review feature within ScriptHop. It's a very simple process. Once your Packet has progressed far enough, an option to request a review of your Packet will appear. Clicking that link and agreeing to the process will have our team reviewing it usually within 48 hours. WE DON'T READ THE SCRIPT or make any judgements about your story. Our team simply makes sure that you don't have any major errors and that the material and information you've added to your packet is industry standard. The last thing you want is to look like an amateur for doing things like editorializing in your synopsis. You'll receive an email when your report is ready and it even includes notes with suggestions on how to improve your Packet.

Why would we do this for free?? A question we get asked a lot. The simple answer is that if you look good, then ScriptHop looks good. Also, keep in mind that because we're not reading the script, the time involved is manageable. And finally, our staff really does get excited by seeing our users go out with great Packets.

So, there it is. A new feature we thought some people would use but were greatly surprised on just how many decided to take advantage of it. Give it a try!