Yes! ScriptHop's Packet is Free.

Written by Brian Austin on September 5th, 2020

It's entirely understandable that when you announce something as FREE, people are highly suspicious. You may often see such proclamations alongside "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!" or said by a guy in a cheap suit with a chimpanzee. If that isn't the case, then you're wondering (rightly so), are you the product?

ScriptHop's new tool, The Packet, is entirely free for writers to use, and it's free for recipients, as well. They don't even need special software. We also don't ask recipients to setup an account or give us any identifying information. There is no advertising of any kind. We barely even show the ScriptHop logo when people view a Packet. Most importantly, we are not selling off any information about you, the writer, or your projects. There is no 3rd party data sharing or data mining. The writer controls their intellectual property and only those they send their Packet links to get to see any information about their project.

The one caveat to data sharing, however, is that we do plan to look at information, in the aggregate, around racial and gender inclusivity. This analysis never cares about any specific IP, names, or anything identifying. We simply want to help the industry see how underrepresented voices may travel. More on that in the future, but it isn't anything that we expect anyone to take issue with.

So, are we crazy? No. We actually have some very innovative ideas how The Packet can fit into a much larger picture down the road in helping projects get made. It's this future and those features that we plan to charge money for, but in order to turn Development Hell into Development Heaven, we need as many people using The Packet as possible.

So, head to and create a Packet (well... once you get an invite code, at least). It will always be free.